About Us

All-American Resources is a career development consulting and recruiting firm which matches competitive businesses with competitive people. AAR provides career development seminars and events to Universities and athletic departments for its students and student-athletes in the areas of career planning, preparation and placement for entry level candidates up to the executive level. Our company is known for placing athletes and competitive non-athletes alike who possess the “athlete” skill set (competitive, discipline, driven, coachable, etc.) desired by our corporate clients. Through our referral network of college administrators, athletic department administrators, coaches, sports agents and professional teams we deliver unique hiring solutions that enable our client companies to connect to this hard to reach skill set. AAR specializes in connecting our candidates, many of whom are former collegiate and professional athletes, with small to mid-sized Fortune 500 firms. We focus on placing athletes and competitive non-athletes who are looking to enter the business world.

*AAR is in compliance with all NCAA legislation regarding career placement firms.*